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Why Am I Struggling to Have a Second Baby?

Why Am I Struggling to Have a Second Baby?

Do you know how many children you want to have? Unfortunately, some couples find that secondary infertility — the inability to get and stay pregnant after giving birth at least once — changes their plans.
Dec 15th, 2023
5 Myths About Irregular Periods Debunked

5 Myths About Irregular Periods Debunked

Myths about menstrual cycles are plentiful. Everyone has heard some of those myths, but if you have irregular menstrual periods, you may have difficulty separating myth from fact. We’re here to clear up five myths about irregular periods.
Nov 1st, 2023

I Have to Pee Constantly. Should I Be Worried?

Have you ever wondered what’s “normal” when it comes to needing bathroom breaks? How many times a day does an average person need to urinate? In this post, we discuss when you should be concerned about how often you need to pee.
Oct 1st, 2023
I’m Embarrassed Because I Leak Urine

I’m Embarrassed Because I Leak Urine

If you’re feeling embarrassed because you sometimes leak urine, keep reading. First, you should know that there are effective treatments. Second, you should know that you’re not alone—around half of women experience urinary leakage at some point.
Aug 1st, 2023
Don’t Do These 5 Things When You’re Pregnant

Don’t Do These 5 Things When You’re Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, people give you advice. Some of it is nonsense. Some of it may be useful. Here, we discuss five things you should avoid during pregnancy, according to experts — rather than suspicions or folklore.
Jun 1st, 2023
How Often Should I Have Prenatal Appointments?

How Often Should I Have Prenatal Appointments?

Like so many things, the answer to how often you should see your doctor when you’re pregnant is: It depends. In this post, we explain what it depends on, and give you some general guidelines.
Apr 4th, 2023
4 Types of Urinary Incontinence and How to Treat Them

4 Types of Urinary Incontinence and How to Treat Them

Urinary incontinence, or involuntary loss of urine, is an incredibly common problem among women. It is not something that you just have to live with. Here, we discuss the four main types of incontinence, and effective treatments.
Jan 15th, 2023
Why Do I Have Cramps and Spotting Between Periods?

Why Do I Have Cramps and Spotting Between Periods?

Bleeding between periods is annoying, but usually not a reason to be worried. If it occurs repeatedly, or you have cramps that disrupt your life along with spotting, you should see your doctor.
Dec 1st, 2022
3 Women’s Health Concerns That Can Affect Fertility

3 Women’s Health Concerns That Can Affect Fertility

An important aspect of reproductive health is understanding what can affect your fertility. Certain health conditions can make getting pregnant more difficult. Here, we discuss three of them: PCOS, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids.
Nov 1st, 2022
What Irregular Menses Means—And When to See an OB/GYN

What Irregular Menses Means—And When to See an OB/GYN

Most women know that an average menstrual cycle is 28 days. But, it’s possible for that length to vary and still be normal or regular. How do you know if you have irregular menses? And if you do, what should you do about it?
Oct 2nd, 2022
Can I Still Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?

Can I Still Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?

Endometriosis can disrupt your life in several ways, and if you’re planning to have a family, you may wonder how endometriosis will impact your fertility. Many women who have endometriosis do get pregnant. Here’s what you need to know.
Sep 1st, 2022
The Link Between Menopause and Urinary Incontinence

The Link Between Menopause and Urinary Incontinence

Hot flashes. Night sweats. Mood swings. Low libido. The symptoms of menopause don’t make a fun list, and unfortunately, you may need to add at least one more: urinary incontinence. But, don’t worry! We may be able to help.
Aug 1st, 2022
Can Hormone Therapy Work for Me?

Can Hormone Therapy Work for Me?

Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, has a long and confusing history. If you’re dealing with the symptoms of menopause, you may be considering HRT. In this post, we consider who may benefit from HRT, as well as who should avoid it.
Jul 7th, 2022
Are Uterine Polyps a Threat to My Health?

Are Uterine Polyps a Threat to My Health?

Uterine polyps are common, but should you worry if you have them? Here, we discuss what uterine polyps are, what problems they can cause, and how we may suggest treating them.
Jun 1st, 2022
5 Signs of a Menopausal Hormone Imbalance

5 Signs of a Menopausal Hormone Imbalance

If you’re in your 40s and having unusual symptoms, you may be wondering about your hormones. Both perimenopause and menopause can bring about hormonal imbalances that cause uncomfortable symptoms.
May 1st, 2022
What Causes Irregular Periods?

What Causes Irregular Periods?

Do you think your menstrual periods are irregular? It’s certainly possible! In this post we consider what “regular” means, as well as some of the reasons your period may not be as routine as clockwork.
Apr 1st, 2022
Polyps versus Fibroids: Understanding the Difference

Polyps versus Fibroids: Understanding the Difference

Both uterine fibroids and polyps are common, but they’re not exactly the same thing. In this post, we consider the similarities and differences in the two types of growths as well as treatment options.
Mar 1st, 2022
4 Effective Treatments for Urinary Incontinence

4 Effective Treatments for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is an uncomfortable problem, and you may feel like you are limited in what you can and can’t do without embarrassment. However, there are effective treatments. You don’t have to live with urine leakage.
Feb 1st, 2022
Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?

Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Endometriosis?

Endometriosis causes discomfort or outright pain. Finding a treatment that works can feel like a miracle, but what happens if you want to get pregnant? Learn more about this condition and what treatments are available.
Dec 1st, 2021
The Importance of Prenatal Care

The Importance of Prenatal Care

Are you pregnant? You know that you’re supposed to go for regular prenatal visits during your pregnancy, but maybe you don’t know why those visits are so important. In this post, we consider the value of prenatal care.
Oct 1st, 2021
Help for Your Irregular Periods

Help for Your Irregular Periods

Since it’s called your “menstrual cycle,” you might think you’d know what to expect, right? For some women, irregular periods make predicting their next menses impossible. Here’s what you should know about irregular periods.
Sep 1st, 2021

Why Hormone Therapy Might Be Right for You

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause, you may be wondering if hormone replacement therapy could be right for you. The answer depends on several factors. Learn more about it here.
Aug 1st, 2021

Understanding the Different Types of Incontinence

Incontinence is uncomfortable and embarrassing, but if you understand why you’re experiencing the problem, you can do something about it. In this post we discuss the different types of incontinence, what causes them, and what you can do.
Jul 4th, 2021

How Do I Know If I Have Endometriosis?

Have you ever read about the symptoms associated with endometriosis and thought, “I think I might have that?” Here we describe endometriosis, the symptoms, risk factors, and how you can get a definitive diagnosis.
Jun 8th, 2021

Myths and Facts About Breastfeeding

If you’re pregnant, you may be wondering what to do about feeding your new baby. Unfortunately, you may also be hearing a lot of advice that may be well-meaning but also simply wrong. Here we set the record straight when it comes to breastfeeding.
May 6th, 2021

The Pregnancy Timelines

If you’re pregnant, even if it’s not your first pregnancy, you probably have some questions. Here, we consider the timeline for your baby’s growth as well what changes and symptoms you’re likely to feel.
Apr 13th, 2021

Common Causes of Female Infertility

Family planning is important, but sometimes when you decide you’re ready to have a child, your body doesn’t cooperate. Infertility can happen even after you’ve had a child or children, and can be confusing. Here are some of the common causes.
Mar 8th, 2021

Why Prenatal Care Is Important

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural biological processes that have been happening forever, so why do you need special care before your baby is born? Prenatal care helps you remain healthy and gives your baby a healthy start.
Feb 11th, 2021

Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

If you plan to become pregnant, there are some important steps to take that can help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy. This post describes some of the considerations you should think about prior to becoming pregnant.
Jan 12th, 2021

Endometriosis: Hormone Therapy Versus Ablation

There is no cure for endometriosis, but there are some treatments that can help relieve your symptoms. Broadly, you may choose hormone therapy or a procedure called ablation. There are benefits and drawbacks to both treatments.
Dec 8th, 2020

Tips for Managing a Holiday Pregnancy

Do you have a baby on the way? Pregnancy is both exciting and a little scary — much like the holiday season! If you’re expecting a new bundle of joy and worrying about the future as the holidays draw near, this post is for you!
Nov 1st, 2020

Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer?

October 2020 is breast cancer awareness month. Rather than encourage you to buy something pink, we’d like you to evaluate your risk for developing breast cancer and to implement some prevention strategies in your life.
Oct 9th, 2020

Could Your Symptoms Mean Uterine Fibroids?

Women should always investigate odd symptoms with their OB/GYN. Are you having unexplained symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding or pain during sex? Your symptoms may be related to uterine fibroids.
Sep 16th, 2020

4 Types of Urinary Incontinence

Although urinary incontinence can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing, it’s not unusual. Millions of people in the United States experience urine leakage every year. This post explains the most common types of urinary incontinence.
Aug 31st, 2020

Understanding Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you’re confused about hormone replacement therapy, you’re not alone. This therapy may bring relief to those struggling with symptoms of menopause, but it also carries certain risks. This post will help you understand the benefits and risks of HRT.
Jul 21st, 2020

Gynecology and COVID-19: What You Should Know

A lethal virus that scientists and doctors don’t understand sweeping across the world sounds like a science fiction story, but right now it’s reality. Here’s what you need to know about coronavirus disease 2019 and gynecological services.
Jun 24th, 2020

5 Tips To Help Severe Period Cramps

Severe pain every month can make life difficult. You probably have to plan around your period to enjoy vacations, you may have used up all your sick days at work, and that’s not to mention the actual pain. These tips may help!
May 27th, 2020

Home Remedies to Help Calm Heat Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most common and also most bothersome symptoms associated with menopause. In this post, we offer some home remedies that may help you deal with those moments of overheating.
Apr 22nd, 2020

Here Are the Most Common Causes of Infertility

If you’re trying to get pregnant and struggling, you may have questions about infertility. This post describes some of the most common causes of infertility, and may help you understand potential issues.
Mar 20th, 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Heavy Menstruation

Your menstrual cycle is unique to you, but heavy bleeding during your period may be more than an inconvenience. It can also be a symptom of several conditions. Here’s why Dr. Pourzand says you shouldn’t ignore it.
Feb 7th, 2020

5 Common Myths About Infertility

Like cures for the hiccups, when it comes to infertility, there’s a seemingly endless supply of misinformation that well-intentioned friends and family are all too willing to share. Here are five common myths about infertility.
Jan 5th, 2020

Is It Normal to Have Irregular Periods?

A woman’s period is a constant focus. Is your menstrual cycle normal? That depends on lots of different factors. If you’re worried about whether or not your periods are normal, this post gives you some things to consider.
Dec 1st, 2019

Coping with Chronic Endometriosis Pain

Endometriosis affects everyone differently, so a pain management strategy that works for one person may not work for another. Finding the right combination of treatments that helps you may take time. Here are some tips on coping with chronic pain.
Oct 4th, 2019

7 Tips for Managing Menopause Symptoms at Work

If the symptoms of menopause are interfering with your ability to do your job, these seven tips may be useful. Menopause symptoms don’t go away just because you need to work!
Nov 21st, 2018

How Endometriosis Affects Fertility

As if the condition weren't painful enough, endometriosis can have a profound effect on a woman's fertility. Find out how endometriosis plays a part in becoming pregnant and what you can do about it.
Oct 31st, 2018

7 Steps to Take to Get Your Body Ready for Pregnancy

There’s nothing more exciting than preparing to welcome a bundle of joy into your life. But before you ditch your birth control and start your journey to motherhood, take some steps to get ready for a healthy pregnancy.
Sep 19th, 2018