Pregnancy Guide


Pregnancy Guide

  • STOP smoking, drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs.
  • AVOID Fish that may contain mercury. Limit your fish intake to less than 12 oz. per week. Avoid raw meat, raw fish and raw shellfish.
  • LIMIT Caffeine to two servings or less each day.

When Should you go to the Hospital?

  • Ask your provider as each provider has their own set of personal guidelines for you. Keep any instructions handy and have important phone numbers posted by your phone.

You Should call your Provider When...

  • Your water bag has broken and the fluid is green, brown, or all red.
  • You have vaginal bleeding or a fever.
  • Your water bag has broken and the baby is in a breech position.
  • You haven’t felt the baby move in three hours or longer.
  • Your water bag has broken and your Group B strep test was positive.


  • If you have been exercising, continue. If not, start slowly.
  • Exercise is important unless your provider has advised against it.
  • Drink plenty of fluids as you sweat more during pregnancy.
  • Exercise slower/longer and not harder.
  • Avoid exercising on your back after your 5th month.
  • Avoid exercises that could cause you to fall as your center of gravity changes during pregnancy.
  • Recommended exercises are walking, cycling, hiking, yoga, swimming and low-impact aerobics
  • Not recommended are horseback riding, rock climbing, downhill skiing and scuba diving.
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